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    The 2017 Hardsurface Awards Winning Projects

    The Hardsurface Awards 2017 were presented to the membership in June at the Annual Convention in Banff, Calgary. We are proud to announce this year's winning projects: Terrazzo Category: Tsawwassen Mills – Franklin Terrazzo, Apex Granite and Tile and Domus Terrazzo Manufactured Tile Category: Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre – Mapei Inc. and Apex Granite and Tile Natural Stone Category: 100 Adelaide Office Tower – Maple Terrazzo, Marble & Tile Restoration Category: St. Michael’s Cathedral – Maple Terrazzo, Marble & Tile Unique Special Award Category: Wellington Building – Franklin Terrazzo Technical Product Application Category: Calgary International Airport – Flesher Marble and Flextile Ltd. International Category: Augustana University – Franklin Terrazzo and Domus Terrazzo Judge’s Award of Merit Award: Audain Art Museum – Custom Building Products Project of the Year: Calgary International Airport – Flesher Marble and Flextile Ltd.
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    Stonex Canada, May 2017

    Stonex Canada, May 2017 Informa Exhibitions is proud to launch STONEX Canada with the support of the Terrazzo Tile & Marble Association of Canada (TTMAC) in a strategic partnership. STONEX Canada will be the first dedicated trade show of its kind in Canada serving the marble, terrazzo, tile and ceramic industry along with the design, construction and real estate operations communities at large. TTMAC is proud to be the main sponsor of this trade show as this will allow our members to exhibit their products and services to the industry audience, as well as it will showcase the association’s specifications and services available. Held from May 16-18, 2017 at The International Center in Toronto, STONEX Canada will be the ideal marketplace for the stone and supporting industries to finally come together under one roof. STONEX Canada will include products and services such as: stone, tile, ceramic, equipment & machinery, furniture, kitchen & bath, roofing, adhesives & sealants, and...
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    The 2016 Hardsurface Awards Winning Projects

    The Hardsurface Awards 2016 were presented to the membership in June at the Annual Convention in Niagara on the Lake. As usual, the Gala was a black tie affair and the glamour of an award night was present. We are proud to announce this year's winning projects: Terrazzo Category: Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital - submitted by Franklin Terrazzo Co and Domus Terrazzo Supply Manufactured Tile Category: Telus Renovations - submitted by Flesher Marble and Tile 1910 Ltd. Natural Stone Category: 416 - 418 Eglinton Ave. West - submitted by Sunnywei Group. Restoration Category: Wright Piano Company - submitted by Franklin Terrazzo Co Unique Special Award Category: Hockey Hall of Fame – submitted by Franklin Terrazzo Co Technical Product Application Category: TTC Union Station – submitted by Mapei Inc and Maple Terrazzo, Marble and Tile Residential Category: Private Residence Vancouver - submitted by Flextile Ltd. International Category: Pittsburg International Airport, Airside Terminal –...
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    Toronto Social Night: Date Changed

    Due to a calendar conflict we had to change the date for our Annual Social Night this year to November 3 rd , 2016 at the Royal Ontario Museum. We are very excited about this event, please mark your calendars.
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    The 2016-2017 Edition of the Specifications Guide 09 30 00 is Now Available

    We are happy to announce that the 2016-2017 edition of the Specifications Guide 09 30 00 Tile Installation Manual is now available to order in digital format and will be available in hard copy within two weeks. French translation is not yet available, but it is in the process of being translated Order your copy now
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    Construction Canada article - "Specifying Precast Terrazzo"

    Construction Canada article - "Specifying Precast Terrazzo" Construction Canada published a very interesting and informative article on terrazzo, written by Tony Torriano, Past President of TTMAC. Please see the link below for the article: Read more
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    Hardsurface Awards 2015

    At the Annual Convention, which this year was held Quebec City, QC, the Hardsurface Awards Winning projects were announced. Please see below a complete list of all categories: Terrazzo : Mustard Seed Project - submitted by Flesher Marble and Tile 1910 Ltd. Manufactured Tile : AWEC Project - submitted by Flesher Marble and Tile 1910 Ltd. Natural Stone : Federal Building – submitted by Décor Tile Company Ltd. Unique Special Category : Statue of David – submitted by Euro Tile and Stone Technical Product Application : Private Residence – submitted by Ardex Canada Residential : Private Residence - submitted by Huard Marble and Tile Ltd. Restoration : Centre Sportif Stade Olympic - submitted by Mapei Inc. / Carrelages de Montreal International : Sky Train – submitted by Domus Terrazzo Supply Judge’s Award of Merit : St. Anne Restoration – submitted by Twin City Tile Co. Project of the Year : Private Residence – submitted by Ardex Canada
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    In a Dispute about a Tile or Marble Installation? Call TTMAC for a third party opinion!

    In this video, Glen Pestrin, CEO of York Marble, Tile and Terrazzo, talks about the organization of which he is treasurer: TTMAC (Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Association of Canada). If you are a contractor who ever has to install a “hard surface” (who among generals or renovators hasn’t?) it’s worthwhile taking the 5 minutes it will take to watch this video.
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    TTMAC Launches the “Tile Installer Thin-Set Standards” (ITS) Verification Online Course

    The “Tile Installer Thin-Set Standards” (ITS) Verification Course instructs installers on industry standards and proper installation methods for the thin-set applications that apply to ceramic tile, porcelain tile, stone tile, glass tile and other types of adhered tile materials. It covers current industry standards as well as common manufacturer’s requirements. This course is also meaningful to architects, general contractors, consultants, inspectors and owners who want to be aware of the industry installation standards and methods.
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    New Requirements, New Method and New Threshold for Coefficient of Friction (COF) on tile.

    A significant use of ceramic tile and stone involves wet areas requiring long term control of intermittent and/or constant presence of moisture. North America is switching from Static Coefficient of Friction COF (SCOF) with ASTM C1028 method to Dynamic Coefficient of Friction COF (DCOF) on tile with the BOT 3000 to the new recognized and accepted standards for ANSI A137.1. Importantly, because of the withdrawal of CGSB M75.1-88 is that testing for the COF (Coefficient of Friction) under ASTM C1028 for slip resistance is no longer recognized, and is being replaced by the Dynamic Coefficient of Friction on tile (DCOF) test referenced in ANSI A137.1-2012 (Section 6.2) that uses a factory calibrated and validated, portable testing apparatus called the BOT-3000 Digital Tribometer, a self-propelled device that uses various sensor materials. The BOT 3000 is a portable machine which means that it could be used in a laboratory or in the field for testing Dynamic Coefficient of Friction on...
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    Flooring Assembly Testing

    This test method provides a standardized procedure for evaluatingperformance of floor tile installations under conditions similar to actual specific usages. A method to test long span joists, underlayment, bonding material, tile and grout was required. There was also a need to test a concrete understructure/base. In order to test anti-fracture membranes and the result of concrete cracking it was necessary to design a split slab method. The Universal Type Floor Tester was designed to meet all of these requirements. This tester can slowly open and split the slab or it can be set for fast acceleration. The new design allows for suspended floors to be assembled and tested at almost any given length and construction height up to 1,015 mm (40"). Engineered wood assemblies with spans up to 4,573 mm (15') or even longer can now be tested, and valuable data such as curvature of the span, deflection, twisting, and vibrations can all be monitored. Post-tension and pre-stressed slabs will be...
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