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Tech Expo
Date/Time: Thursday 16 November 2017
Location : Winnipeg


Panel Discussion: Shower Installations
Moderated by Geoff Duck
Panel: Bob Weins David Sherley, Randy Olson, Don Brletic

Examining the various systems and methods. The presenters will discuss a variety of showers and systems ranging from residential to large commercial. Including steam rooms and showers. Presented by 4-5 experiences individuals representing the manufacturers and contractors. Q&A following the presenters.


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Anti-Fracture Membrane

Presented by Bob Weins

This seminar will hope to correct the myths and mistakes of anti-fracture membrane. The presenter will be considering various areas of need such as shrinkage cracks, Q deck, heated floors, control joints and more. There will be a review of the various types of anti-fracture membrane

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Looking at the history of terrazzo and it’s current role in today’s architecture Current methods and application Challenges to overcome Exciting designs and patterns


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Grout “Spec for Success”

Presented by John Alley

This seminar will help participants understand grout the new technologies and design. Today’s grout versus Today’s tile will be explored and specifying the right grout for the job. The maintenance of grout will also be taught and how to protect the investment through proper care and maintenance.

Exterior Installations

Presented by Dave Randall

Exploring all facets of exterior installations. Mortar set applications Mechanical methods Waterproof Membranes and Rain screens Expansion Joints Protection and preparation.


Preparation- Floor Flatness and Moisture Mitigation

Presented by Sherri Wildman

Exploring the importance of floor preparation How to achieve floor flatness to meet the LFT tile tolerance Raising awareness on disparity of Div. 3 and Dev 9 Moisture mitigation, tiles assemblies’ vs other floor coverings Preparation needed prior to self-leveling or screed

Large Format Tiles

Presented by Michael Getzlaf

This seminar will deal with the challenges if installing large and extra-large tiles. Defining the needs of tolerance of substrates on walls and floors Exploring the variety of tools, accessories and cements needed Large format vs extra-large (thin) limitations